ASI’s Counselor® Magazine Names Most Powerful People In Promo

4imprint’s Kevin Lyons-Tarr and Suzanne Worwood command number-one spot on Power 50 list

TREVOSE, PA – October 29, 2019 – The Advertising Specialty Institute® (ASI) today unveiled the annual Counselor Power 50 list of the most powerful people in the $24.7 billion promotional products industry, with 4imprint’s Kevin Lyons-Tarr and Suzanne Worwood commanding the top spot.

“These entrepreneurs are the most dynamic, flexible people in our industry, the first ones to drive change and lead the charge,” Timothy M. Andrews, ASI president and chief executive officer, said during a celebration of the Power 50 at the 13th annual ASI Power Summit, held this year at the Loews Coronado resort on San Diego Bay. “This year was especially difficult because we’re facing uncertainties in the market – trade wars, tariffs and midnight tweets. No matter what, this group rallies and helps our industry forge ahead.”

The exclusive ranking, which highlights the most influential movers and shakers in the promo industry, features nine newcomers as well as a woman in the top spot for the first time: Worwood, senior vice president of merchandising and supply chain at Top 40 distributor 4imprint (asi/197045). Kevin Lyons-Tarr, 4imprint’s longtime CEO, joined Worwood at the head of the Power 50 list.

The pair has been instrumental in driving innovation and growth at 4imprint, the industry’s largest distributor. Under their leadership, 4imprint achieved after-tax profit of $35.2 million on global sales of more than $738.4 million in 2018. Fueled by its e-commerce-driven business model and backed by a robust, deftly managed supply chain, the firm (headquartered in London, U.K., with its main operations in Oshkosh, WI) is on track to be a $1 billion company by 2022.

Introduced in 2006, the Counselor Power 50 list annually spotlights executives from distributors and suppliers, as well as industry outsiders, who wield considerable power and influence in a global marketplace.

Click here to see the complete ranking of the 2019 Power 50, and visit for videos, photos and stories covering all the action at the three-day ASI Power Summit, which ends today. The annual gathering of the industry’s dominant players attracted 39 past and present Power 50 honorees.

The annual event featured two inspiring keynotes and a full day of expert panel discussions on today’s hottest topics, including trade wars and mergers and acquisitions, advice on capitalizing on foreign markets and selling to Gen Z, along with a spirited supplier-distributor debate on why order errors are increasing and how best to respond.

A chief highlight was a riveting, hour-by-hour recounting by CEO Norm Hullinger of the recent cyberattack at alphabroder – the largest supplier in the industry, with 2018 revenue of $1.64 billion. During a special Q&A, Andrews led Hullinger through the steps alphabroder took from the moment a vicious strand of ransomware struck through 100% recovery of the firm’s order processing and shipping platform, with no evidence that any customer data or account information was compromised. The discussion included advice from Microsoft Cyber Security Architect Matt Soseman on what industry companies should do to ward off and recover from cyberattacks.

Below are the business leaders commanding the top 10 slots on the Counselor Power 50 list:

  1. Kevin Lyons-Tarr and Suzanne Worwood, 4imprint (asi/197045)
  2. Marc Simon, CEO, HALO Branded Solutions (asi/356000)
  3. Jeremy Lott, president, SanMar (asi/84863)
  4. Norm Hullinger, CEO, alphabroder (asi/34063)
  5. Jo-an Lantz, CEO/President, Geiger (asi/202900)
  6. Ely Eastman, Taly Eyal and Sharon Eyal, founder, CFO and CEO, respectively, ETS Express (asi/51197)
  7. Chuck Fandos, CEO, Facilisgroup   
  8. Greg Muzzillo and Vera Muzzillo, founder and CEO, respectively, Proforma (asi/300094)
  9. Ross Silverstein, president and CEO, iPROMOTEu (asi/232119)
  10. C.J. Schmidt, president and COO, Hit Promotional Products (asi/61125)

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