1,512 Industry Professionals Now Awarded with Education Certifications

Twenty-two new grads certified; 40,000 enrolled in ASI’s free Online Learning Center

TREVOSE, PA – March 3, 2016 – The Advertising Specialty Institute® (ASI) today announced 22 more industry professionals were recently certified through the ASI Education Certification Program, bringing the total to 1,512, with more than 40,000 enrolled in ASI’s free Online Learning Center.

The ASI Education Certification Program is free for ASI members and user friendly, with all 500 courses automatically tracked electronically via ASI’s digital campus. The extensive educational program supports the needs of everyone, from newcomers to proven industry veterans, with sales, marketing, social media, business-building and technology courses offered online and in person at ASI shows and events, presented by experts in their field.

The ASI Certification Program offers two certification levels: BASI™ (Bachelor of Advertising Specialty Information) and MASI™ (Master of Advertising Specialty Information).

The latest BASI graduates are:

  • Tanesha Anderson, Blue Ocean Press, (asi/522819)
  • Cristina Blocher, Printer’s Bloc, (asi/394721)
  • Catherine Caprino, Positive Promotions, (asi/297370)
  • Chris Columbus, MOS Systems, (asi/277476)
  • Belinda Duhaney, Signs North Coast, (asi/590001)
  • Chris Flynn, Fields Manufacturing, (asi/54100)
  • Matthew Hurley, Admiral Express, (asi/548340)
  • Ryan Lester, Showdown Displays, (asi/87188)
  • Karen Mendes, American Solutions For Business, (asi/120075)
  • Eugene Neal, Positive Promotions, (asi/297370)
  • Colleen Retana, Jack Nadel International, (asi/279600)
  • Daniel Roh, Direct Promotionals, (asi/181147)
  • Alexis V. Sanchez, Genumark, (asi/204588)
  • Kim Shailer, First Coast Group, Inc., (asi/194582)
  • Sarah Smith, Flyin’ Lucky Graphics, (asi/530181)
  • Darwin E. Staker, Sky Blu Promo, (asi/470680)
  • Roxi Trieu, Proforma Smart Marketing, (asi/491751)
  • Mike Yager, Spotlight Sport & Corporate Wear Ltd., (asi/332753)

The latest MASI graduates are:

  • D. Andrew Cawley, Christian Casuals Inc. (asi/161891)
  • Sophie Hudson, Kash Design (asi/125286)
  • Jennifer London, Allegra Network LLC (asi/372000)
  • Laurie Stephens, About Design (asi/102313)

“Congratulations are in order for every industry professional who received their ASI certification,” said Timothy M. Andrews, president and chief executive officer of ASI. “This credential represents an important addition to any business resume.”

ASI annually invests $1.3 million to educate its members. During the 2015 ASI Show® season, a total of 5,295 attended classes, making ASI the largest educator in the industry. Click here for a complete overview of ASI Education.

With a full spectrum of education, information and research programs, ASI has everything it takes to help ad specialty professionals learn the business and remain competitive. ASI offers an unmatched portfolio of educational opportunities, award-winning publications and insightful research reports.

For more information on ASI Education, contact Nicole Rollender, ASI’s executive director of professional development and editor of Wearables, at [email protected].

About ASI
The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI®) serves a network of 25,000 suppliers, distributors and decorators in the $22 billion promotional products industry. ASI’s flagship product, the technology platform ESP®, manages the industry’s entire supply and marketing chain. ASI also produces award-winning digital and print content, live events and educational programs that enable companies in 61 countries to be more efficient, productive and profitable. ASI’s Counselor magazine provides the most authoritative business content in the industry, and the ASI Certification Program features 500+ live and online education courses for over 40,000 professionals. The company, family owned and operated since 1962, is proud to have been consistently ranked among the “Best Places to Work” in Philadelphia and Bucks County, PA. For more info: www.asicentral.com.