Win a Free Flat-Screen Television, From ASI

October 13, 2004, Trevose, PA – The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), the largest member organization serving the promotional products industry, today announced a contest to give away six flat-screen televisions among ASI suppliers that enter its 2005 Supplier Catalog Contest.

The contest offers ASI suppliers the opportunity to win a free flat-screen television by printing 2005 catalogs with the ASI number in the upper right corner of the catalog’s front cover. Those that print both the ASI number and the ASI logo will be entered twice, doubling the chances of winning. Catalogs that have any other industry identifier on the cover will not be entered into the contest. Qualified entries remain in the drawing until the supplier wins or until the last television is given away.

The majority of ASI’s 17,000 member distributor firms, representing over 85,000 sales professionals, file catalogs by ASI number. Printing it in a predictable place, with no other industry designators, reduces confusion and filing time.

“ASI continues to promote best practices that create additional opportunities for our members to do business,” said president, Tim Andrews. “This contest suggests a simple, low-cost idea for catalog designers to implement, that could help increase sales year-round.”

To enter the contest and to view the official rules, visit For questions, email Jeff Wolff, director of database classifying, at [email protected].

About ASI
Advertising Specialty Institute is the largest media organization serving the promotional products industry, with a membership of 20,000 distributor firms (sellers) and suppliers (manufacturers) of promotional products. Suppliers use ASI print and electronic resources to market products to more than 17,000 ASI distributor firms, collectively representing over 85,000 sales professionals. Distributor firms use ASI print and electronic resources, which contain more than 700,000 promotional products, to locate supplier products and to market services to buyers of promotional products. ASI was founded in 1950 and employs 400 people. It offers catalogs, informational directories, newsletters, magazines, websites and databases, and provides a variety of interactive e-commerce, marketing and selling tools. Visit