Latest Survey Indicates Suppliers Favor Status Quo Most Wary of Influx of Non-North American Goods

October 21, 2003, Trevose, PA — In a recent online survey, 209 ASI member Suppliers were asked to offer an opinion on allowing Suppliers/Manufacturers located outside of North America to exhibit at promotional products industry trade shows. Over three-quarters responded that they were against it, while half also added that outside competition would make them less likely to exhibit their own products.

On another issue, according to the survey, 78% of Supplier respondents agree that non-exhibiting Suppliers should not be granted permission to walk trade show floors unescorted. Suppliers who have paid to exhibit at shows are duly outraged that others may use the venue, for a nominal fee, to obtain information about competitor’s products and pricing while surreptitiously soliciting business.

When asked if end-buyers should be excluded from shows, the polled audience was divided. One-half was in favor of allowing end-buyers to attend; the other half was opposed. However, among Suppliers with 100 or more employees, two-thirds were opposed to having end-buyers attend trade shows.

“We looked at the differences between ASI policies and other industry organizations’ policies and commissioned a study to ensure that ASI is responding to the needs of its members,” stated ASI President, Tim Andrews. “I’m proud to say that ASI policies are consistent with the findings of this survey.”

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