Counselor® Second Annual Best Places to Work Survey Indicates Higher Morale at Industry Firms

TREVOSE, PA – July 14, 2009  Advertising Specialty Institute®, the largest media and marketing organization serving the advertising specialty industry, announced today that results of Counselor magazine’s second annual Best Places to Work survey indicated higher morale at industry firms.

In fact, employees at industry firms gave such high marks to their companies this year, that Counselor expanded its Best Places to Work list from 50 top companies to 60.

“We were initially surprised to find that employee morale in the industry is so high in these more challenging economic times,” said Melinda Ligos, editor-in-chief for ASI.  “While many firms have had to undergo staff reductions, it’s obvious that the employees who have remained feel valued and are confident in their company’s leadership.”

The companies highlighted are coming up with innovative strategies for motivating their employees and keeping morale high during a difficult economy.  Some are offering more generous 401(k) packages and benefit plans, and others are providing creative and engaging programs.  One company, for instance, has a “fun time committee” that regularly plans unique corporate outings, including golf contests, themed luncheons, local concerts and picnics.  Another company has a big Halloween party, where every employee gets dressed up in costumes for a memorable event that is talked about year-round.
“It’s impressive that these companies are taking the time to think about motivation and ways they can keep employee morale up,” Ligos says.  “Also, this is a group of companies that’s coming up with creative ways to consistently communicate with their employees — that’s something that’s vital to ensuring staffers are satisfied with their place of work.”
The top 60 companies include:

14 West LLC, asi/197092

Genumark Promotional Merchandise Inc., asi/204588

Metromedia Marketing Ltd., asi/268940

Absorbent, Ink., asi/295819 Gifts By Design, Inc., asi/205947 Mid-Nite Snax, asi/71685
Albrecht & Co., asi/116308 GO USA, Inc., asi/208784 Motivators, Inc., asi/277780
Bag Makers, asi/37940 HALO/Lee Wayne, asi/356000 NewClients, Inc., asi/282470
BamBams LLC, asi/38228 HDS Marketing, Inc., asi/216807

Overture Premiums & Promotions, asi/288437

Bluegrass Promotional Marketing, asi/141964

iClick, asi/62124 Pingline, asi/78137

Bob Lilly Professional Promotions, asi/254138

Identification Services/Halls and Company, asi/59080

Pinnacle Designs, asi/78140
Boundless Network, asi/143717 Identity Marketing, asi/229857 Proforma, asi/300094
BrandVia Alliance, Inc., asi/145037 Image Source, asi/230121 PromoShop, Inc., asi/300446
Bullpen Marketing, asi/150076 Immediate Sales Agency, asi/230189 SanMar Corporation, asi/84863
Cavanaugh Marketing Network, asi/159262 Indoff, asi/231011 SnugZ USA, asi/88060
Chamberlain Marketing Group, asi/160501 iPROMOTEu, asi/232119

Sonoma Promotional Solutions, asi/88188

Creative Concepts, asi/170480 JH Specialty, Inc., asi/232445 Sunrise Identity, LLC, asi/339206
Crystal D, asi/47759 Kaeser & Blair, Inc., asi/238600 The Book Company, asi/41010

CSE (Caliendo-Savio Enterprises, Inc.), asi/155807

LW Barrett Co., Inc., asi/133000 The Icebox, asi/229395
CustomInk, LLC, asi/173408 Leashables by Oralabs, asi/66715 The Vernon Company, asi/351700
Dacasso, asi/48125 LogoVision, LLC, asi/255309 Tic Toc, asi/158990
Devara, asi/49470 MadeToOrder, Inc., asi/259540

Touchstone Merchandise Group, asi/345631

eCompanyStore, asi/185782 Magna-Tel Inc., asi/68480

Tri-Mountain/Mountain Gear Corp., asi/92125

Gemline, asi/56070 MediaTree, asi/70303 Walker-Clay, Inc., asi/354530

The survey is conducted by an independent firm, Quantum Market Research, Inc., which manages a comprehensive qualification program for industry companies nominated for the contest.  Quantum surveyed staffers at each participating company to determine how employees rated their employer in 10 different areas, including “team effectiveness” and “trust in senior leaders.”

Final rankings among the top companies, including the number-one firm, will be announced in the September issue of Counselor, where ASI members can learn what ideas leading industry employers are putting into motion to increase staff retention, satisfaction, productivity, creativity and sales performance.

To advertise in the Best Places to Work issue, contact Ed Koehler, associate publisher, at [email protected].  Each surveyed company that advertises in the issue will receive a detailed report with survey results for that firm.  To subscribe to Counselor, click here.

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