Counselor Magazine Names 75 Best Places to Work

Florida-based Dacasso tops list of ad specialty companies with greatest corporate cultures

TREVOSE, PA – September 13, 2010 – Loyal staffs, trustworthy management, solid benefits and team effectiveness helped land 75 companies on Counselor magazine’s 2010 list of best places to work in the ad specialty industry.

Every company on the list provides typical health-care and financial benefits. But some also infuse their corporate culture with unique benefits such as an incentive program offering $1,000 to employees who buy eco-friendly cars. Other companies use food to win over workers, including wine tastings and family barbeques.

The number one “Best Place to Work” is Dacasso, a Gainesville, FL-based supplier that emphasizes the fun and the progressive, whether it’s a holiday party, wellness program or late-afternoon sales challenge. The company also provides a fitness room, favorable scheduling policies and a tax-advantaged profit-sharing plan that allows employees to become fully vested at three months.

The list of 75 is a mix of large and small, geographically diverse companies identified by an in-depth survey process. To create the list, Counselor – published by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) – partnered with third-party research firm Quantum Workplace, which conducts Best Places to Work contests in more than 40 major cities, including Boston, Dallas, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Seattle.

 “At a time of unprecedented economic challenge, the companies on our list are rising to the task and providing a great workplace for their employees,” said Timothy M. Andrews, president and chief executive officer of ASI. “In return, they’re rewarded with loyalty and creativity by hard-working employees who simply love their jobs and enjoy going to work every day.”

The list appears in the September issue of Counselor, the “voice” of the promotional products industry. The accompanying cover story was written by Counselor Editor Andy Cohen and Staff Writer Dave Vagnoni and includes an interactive map. To view, click here.

The “Best Places to Work” list includes distributors and suppliers, companies with hundreds of employees and small firms with only 12 staffers (to qualify, a company had to have at least 10 employees).

The Counselor 75 Best Places To Work List: 

1 Dacasso (asi/48125)
2 Royal Crest Promotions (asi/83740)
3 Hirsch Gift (asi/61005)
4 Albrecht & Co. (asi/116308)
5 The Book Company (asi/41010)
6 Metromedia Marketing (asi/268940)
7 Catalyst Marketing (asi/159067)
8 SnugZ/USA (asi/88060)
9 Talbot Marketing (asi/341500)
10 MadeToOrder (asi/259540)
11 LogoBranders (asi/255496)
12 Custom Logos (asi/173183)
13 Overture Premiums & Promotions (asi/288473)
14 Pingline (asi/78137)
15 Sunrise Identity (asi/339206)
16 The Sunshine Group (asi/339525)
17 Akran Marketing (asi/115329)
18 NewClients (asi/282470)
19 Posh Xessories (asi/79028)
20 BrandVia Alliance (asi/145037)
21 The Vernon Company (asi/351700)
22 Identity Marketing Inc. (asi/229857)
23 Zebra Marketing (asi/365683)
24 eCompanyStore (asi/185782)
25 JH Specialty (asi/232445)
26 Bluegrass Promotional Marketing (asi/141964)
27 Pinnacle Promotions (asi/295986)
28 Go USA (asi/208784)
29 Identification Services/Halls and Company (asi/59080)
30 The Icebox (asi/229395)
31 iClick (asi/62124)
32 Stitch Designers (asi/741145)
33 Mac Mannes (asi/259100)
34 Insight Resource Group (asi/231569)
35 Image Group (asi/230059)
36 Stowebridge Promotion Group (asi/337500)
37 Immediate Sales Agency (asi/230189)
38 Boundless Network (asi/143717)

39 Cotton Candy (asi/169186)
40 Greater China (asi/58135)
41 Metropak (asi/70830)
42 Moore Exposure (asi/276255)
43 Indoff (asi/231011)
44 Mid-Nite Snax (asi/71685)
45 Cavanaugh Marketing Network (asi/159262)
46 American Ad Bag (asi/35290)
47 Sonoma Promotional Solutions (asi/88188)
48 Image Source & Branded Solutions by Edgar Martinez (asi/230121)
49 Bob Lilly Professional Promotions (asi/254138)
50 Crystal D (asi/47759)
51 Show Your Logo (asi/326179)
52 Genumark Promotional Merchandise (asi/204588)
53 Atlas Embroidery & Screen Printing (asi/700400)
54 SanMar (asi/84863)
55 Walker-Clay (asi/354530)
56 Proforma (asi/300094)
57 Pinnacle Designs (asi/78140)
58 Adco Litho (asi/31840)
59 Sweda Company (asi/90305)
60 AddVenture Products (asi/31940)
61 CSE (asi/155807)
62 Rightsleeve (asi/308922)
63 Brand Fuel Promotions (asi/145025)
64 BamBams (asi/38228)
65 ePromos Promotional Products (asi/188515)
66 14 West LLC (asi/197092)
67 Match-Up Promotions (asi/264230)
68 California Tattoos (asi/43530)
69 MediaTree (asi/70303)
70 Bag Makers (asi/37940)
71 The Promotional Specialists (asi/301163)
72 Digispec/Visstun/CounterPoint (asi/93975)
73 Bag Designs (asi/63698)
74 Sonic Promos (asi/329865)
75 HDS Marketing (asi/216807)

Promotional products, or advertising specialties, are often imprinted with slogans or logos to market a company, organization, product, service, achievement or event. The items are used in marketing campaigns to dramatically increase response rates.  

For more information, contact Melinda Ligos, ASI’s editor-in-chief and senior vice president of professional development, at (215) 953-3434 or [email protected].

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