ASI Relaunches Imprint as Successful Promotions Magazine

September 28, 2004, Trevose, PA – The Advertising Specialty Institute, the largest member organization in the promotional products industry, today announced two major changes to its end-buyer magazine, Imprint, effective with the next 2004 issue.

First, the magazine will be relaunched under the name Successful Promotions, to better articulate the reader promise of the magazine. According to Judith Cavaliere, associate publisher, “As we looked at ways to make the magazine a more powerful sales tool for our distributors, one thing that kept coming up was the name. Distributors wanted a name that would tell end-buyers specifically what was in the magazine. Readers wanted Successful Promotions, and the case studies in the magazine give end-buyers a proven roadmap to success with promotional products.”

Second, as requested by readers and advertisers alike, the magazine will now be issued six times a year, rather than quarterly. “Regular advertisers will realize a boost in awareness that comes with more frequent impressions, and occasional advertisers will be better able to fine-tune their advertising schedules,” says Cavaliere. “Just as importantly, the distributors who buy Successful Promotions gift subscriptions for their best customers will get 50% more exposure per year, for the same price.”

Several major initiatives have laid the foundation for this relaunch that further demonstrate ASI’s commitment to its customers. First, the ASI editorial staff has already redesigned Successful Promotions to enhance readability. Second, the firm added a reader service function that delivers new business leads directly to the magazine’s buyers and advertisers. Third, Successful Promotions sales staff have also begun an aggressive circulation campaign, distributing the magazine to an additional 25,000 end-buyers at no additional cost to advertisers. Yet to come, a Successful Promotions website will be unveiled in February 2005 to enable its subscribers to conduct product research.

To learn about powerful advertising programs in Successful Promotions or to order gift subscriptions, visit, or call Judy Cavaliere at 800-546-1386.

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