ASI’s Top 10 List Of Wackiest Political Swag

TREVOSE, PA – November 1, 2016 –The Advertising Specialty Institute® (ASI) today released a top 10 list of the wackiest political promotional products of the 2016 presidential race, featuring a talking Donald Trump pen, Hillary Clinton’s woman card and a pair of candidate chia heads that grow like crazy.

Click here for an ASI video, “Crazy Election 2016,” showcasing the top promotional products featuring Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump, and take ASI’s online poll of the wackiest products.

ASI’s review of recent campaign finance reports show Trump spending nearly five times as much as Clinton on promotional merchandise to woo voters and advertise his candidacy.

“In addition to ubiquitous promotional products like bumper stickers, buttons and yard signs, the promo industry is going wild devising memorable products for potential voters and die-hard followers alike,” said Timothy M. Andrews, president and chief executive officer of ASI. “No matter which candidate you support, the colorful promotional products livening up rallies and being collected by the party faithful are sure winners.”

The top 10 wackiest political promotional products of 2016 are:

  • Trump Hair Socks Topped by artificial hair that can be combed and flipped.
  • Hillary Clinton ready-for-action figure Lighthearted 6-inch hard-plastic figure.
  • Clinton/Trump Piñatas Fun activity for any campaign event.
  • Trump/Clinton chia heads Water the chia seeds and watch them grow.
  • “Make America Great Again” Hat Trump’s signature slogan embroidered on red cap.
  • Hillary Clinton “woman card” Become a card-carrying member of the female majority.
  • Notorious HRC Shirt Features Hillary Rodham Clinton, aka “Notorious H.R.C.”
  • “We Shall Overcomb” T-shirt Stylized Trump shirt with big comb and funny saying.
  • Trump/Clinton talking pens Press Trump’s hair to hear his actual words; press Clinton button to hear her actual laugh.
  • Clinton/Trump sneakers Wearable canvas shoes branded with each candidate’s face.

The latest ASI nationwide bumper sticker poll conducted October 28-30 showed Clinton leading Trump 53% to 47% among respondents asked which candidate’s sticker they would be most willing to put on their car.

The official Donald Trump campaign store features $30 logoed hats, #Yuge buttons, signs, stickers, playing cards and drink coolers. The official Hillary Clinton campaign store sells accessories like branded totes and notebooks, along with houseware, apparel and $35 custom state T-shirts.

According to Time magazine, buttons and pins have been a part of election culture since America’s first presidential inauguration, when supporters sported metal pins that said “Long live the president” and George Washington’s initials.

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