5 Reasons Why Selling Promo Is an Easy Way To Make Money

Rally towels in a stadium. Pens at the bank. Water bottles at the gym. Promotional products are useful items imprinted with a company’s logo or slogan. They’re an affordable advertising medium that helps businesses and organizations improve brand recognition, grow customer loyalty, and attract new business. And you can be the person to sell promo to advertisers!

Selling promo is an easy way to make money, and we’re going to highlight the main reasons.

Reason 1: Your Customer Is Anyone and Everyone

Every business or organization needs promo products. No matter their size or budget, you can present solutions that will help grow their brand and make it more recognizable in the community. Popular customers are colleges, banks, hospitals and nonprofits – but literally anyone can be your customer.

Reason 2: Your Profit Margin Is Healthy

Did you know the average profit margin in 2022 was 36% according to the Counselor 2023 State of the Industry report? That profit goes up even higher when an order is a small batch or has special packaging. Even smaller orders make it worth your time and effort!

Reason 3: One Opportunity Leads to Many Sales

With promo, it’s typically not just one sale and you’re done. Most businesses and organizations have multiple events and departments, increasing their needs. Once you connect with one person at a company, it’s easier to work with others in that company, as well as get referrals. Do a good job and your clients will refer you to colleagues, friends and family.

Reason 4: Add-On Sales Are the Norm

Just like you won’t typically sell one time and be done, you also won’t typically sell one product and be done. Most events and initiatives require multiple promo items. For example, a wellness program needs T-shirts, but water bottles, sunscreen and lip balm are easy add-ons. An event might require drinkware, but you can easily sell napkins, balloons and party favors.

Reason 5: Promo Can Be Your Part-Time or Full-Time Gig

If you sell promo, it can be your 9-5 or your 5-9 – it’s totally up to you and what you want to make of it. It’s a lucrative and always-growing industry, so you can decide how much time you want to invest in it. Some part-timers just have a few clients they service annually to make some extra income. Others have made it their careers. Since it doesn’t require inventory or equipment and there is very little upfront cost, it’s quick and easy to work from home and launch your promo business from your living room!

Get Started: Sell Promo & Make Money

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