November Release 2023

These new features in ESP+ are all about simplifying processes for both you and your clients. These items are here to inspire you during your search for the perfect product for your client, keep your CRM organized, and create better ways for your clients to engage with your product pitches.


  • Filter for ‘Events and Website URLs’ – Find, view, and update project status’ quicker with the addition of these filter options in the Orders tab.
  • ‘Thumbs Up’ option in Client Portal – Simplify the way your clients interact with product pitches, they can now ‘like’, ‘dislike’, and ‘add to cart’. This is all recorded in your CRM and if a product was ‘liked’ but didn’t work for the most recent event, you can re-pitch at another time.
  • Product Inspiring Banners Added in Search Results – Check out featured products of the day, trending suppliers in relevant categories, and the ad impressions insight (includes industry-specific data that can support your product pitches) for an idea-generating search experience.