Why Embroidery Businesses Choose ASI

For embroidery companies, venturing into the world of ad specialty items is a strategic move to increase revenue and profitability. This use case explores how ASI has enabled embroidery companies to seamlessly expand their services into ad specialties, providing strong margins and bolstering their client relationships.

Embroidery Use Case Challenge

The Challenge

Consider “StitchCraft Embroidery,” a prominent embroidery company known for its precision and quality. StitchCraft sought to diversify its services and improve profitability while improving efficiency.


StitchCraft Embroidery partnered with ASI and quickly harnessed the following advantages:


Diversification of Services

With ASI's extensive ad specialty catalog, StitchCraft could effortlessly offer clients a broader range of branded merchandise as a natural complement to their embroidery services.


Revenue & Profit Boost

Through ASI's platform, StitchCraft was able to tap into ad specialties without the need for specialized equipment or additional labor investment.


Utilizing Existing Assets

By utilizing existing assets, StitchCraft was able to reduce their effort and streamline their process by using the same logos and designs.


Strong Margins With Little Effort

StitchCraft could offer clients a more comprehensive suite of promotional products without investing extensive resources or labor.

How Does It Work?

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