ASI Announces New Membership Benefit to Suppliers

ASI Infoline Will Send Notification of Referrals

December 8, 2003, Trevose, PA — Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) announced today that as of December 10, 2003, its ASI Infoline team will notify ASI suppliers in two distinct new ways when their company is referred to an ASI distributor looking for a hard-to-find promotional product.

The team will send an ASI Infoline Real Time Business Alert each time it refers a supplier’s company for a potential sale worth over $5,000.

In addition, an electronic ASI Infoline Monthly Referral Report will be sent to all suppliers who are referred by ASI Infoline a minimum of five times in one month. Through this report suppliers will know exactly how many times their company was indicated as a resource for distributors.

According to ASI President Timothy M. Andrews, “One of my personal goals is to demonstrate how members’ investments with ASI pay off. This exciting new service will let business managers know when ASI Infoline is directing possible sales to their company. They’ll know the specific product requested and the quantity.”

This new ASI Infoline referral service is available to all ASI supplier members. Likewise, ASI Infoline research services are available to all ASI distributor members.

ASI Infoline is a product research service for promotional products distributors who are members of ASI. It is staffed by more than 25 full-time researchers who help thousands of distributors locate special items for their clients, with a better than 95% success rate.

Distributors may submit ASI Infoline requests via:

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