ASI SmartBooks Now Features New Email Notifications

Feature developed by team of ASICS computer experts during competitive hackathon

CEDAR FALLS, IA – March 29, 2019 – ASI Computer Systems Inc.® (ASICS) today announced a new feature in ASI SmartBooks® that allows users to better manage their promotional products business through automatic recurring email notifications.

The email feature was devised by a team of ASICS computer experts competing in Hackathon 2018, a 3-day idea-generating coding session. The programmers, who were part of the “Girl Power” team, collaborated on software projects designed to make ASICS products more useful to customers.

“The goal of hackathons is to brainstorm new ideas that evolve into better products and improved features that will help our clients save time and increase efficiency,” said Jamie Fens, senior vice president of product development and support. “I’m thrilled the team’s email notification idea resulted in a brand-new feature.”

The new ASI SmartBooks email notifications can help a variety of financial or order-related tasks, including:

  • Accounts payable and accounts receivable summaries
  • Notifications for invoices that are due soon or past due
  • Order status updates to your inbox

ASI SmartBooks enables distributors to manage entire front-office and back-office functions with a single, flexible, powerful application, integrating accounting, sales, marketing, order entry, inventory, purchasing, shipping, reporting and product sourcing from ASI’s ESP® business platform into one application. ASI SmartBooks is integrated with ESP CRM and Orders and popular payment processors like PromoPayment™ and

Members of the “Girl Power” team who developed the new email feature are Denise Bienemann, Karen Milligan, Teri Fender and Donna Brown.

ASI SmartBooks is ESP-enabled, the #1 business platform in the industry. This eliminates the need to switch between programs and provides instant access to every available promotional product from over 3,200 suppliers.

For more information on ASI SmartBooks please contact Shawn Wagner, manager of software and system support for ASI Computer Systems, at [email protected].

About ASI Computer Systems
ASI Computer Systems has been an integral part of the advertising specialty industry for over 40 years. ASICS understands the fundamental differences between promotional product suppliers and distributors. Its team of technology experts utilized key knowledge of the industry, as well as its partnership with the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), the leader of information and advertising solutions, to shape ASI SmartBooks into the most efficient business management solution available for business.