6 of the Coolest Things You Can Do With ESP+

ESP+ is a new system used for sourcing promo products, managing customer projects and orders and so much more. Users tout “It’s unbelievable!”, “It’s incredible!” and are impressed by interactive features that allow you to spend less time sifting through product search results and more time sharing marketing ideas with customers, building stronger relationships, and closing sales. There’s a long list of features that come with the future of promo technology, but we’re highlighting the 6 coolest things you can do with ESP+. These are your keys to increasing sales and improving workflow.

#1 Collections

Collections in ESP+ allow you to gather promo products ideas for various customers, events or industries. Collections keeps an organized, digital file of all the products you would like to save for future access. With a few clicks, you can easily share product photos and details with your staff or clients. Examples of Collections you may want to use include New & Trending Products, Five-Star Supplier Products or Trade Show Products. With the addition of ESP+ websites, you can now also create collections and post them to your ESP+ website.

#2 Presentations

With simple workflows and editing, you can create a polished, professional and easy-to-share presentation full of promo products to impress clients. ESP+ pulls from a real-time database of 10 million brands to pull their logo and brand color, so your presentation will instantly reflect your client’s brand. You can further customize presentations to select what information is displayed from pricing to available colors and sizing.

When you’re ready to share the presentation, you can share through an email or a link. You can also add an expiration date, so the presentation isn’t available after a certain time. This is perfect if you’re concerned about pricing changes or timing issues.

Better yet, it takes only seconds to convert a presentation to a quote when your customer is ready to order.


#3 Live Inventory

Narrowing down promo products just became easier with the Live Inventory filter! In addition to viewing supplier inventory by hovering on a product or viewing the product detail page, you can use a filter option to search only for products with live inventory data directly from suppliers. This is obviously useful all the time, but it’s especially helpful when clients need a tighter turnaround.

#4 Create a New Project for a Reorder

A Project Management enhancement allows you to create a new project for a reorder so you can easily copy a previous order and track it through different stages. This ultimately saves a lot of time when a customer contacts you to order again!

#5 Prepopulated Quote Details

We all know the errors that can occur with rekeying information. To prevent this, quote requests are prepopulated with buyer information on the Client Portal to save your customer time and reduce the likelihood of incorrect information being entered.

#6 CRM

Stay on top of all your customer contact info and notes with the built-in CRM, which allows you to use one project management tool for everything! You can record sales interactions and rely on alerts and task reminders to boost sales activity. All information is organized within each customer file by Presentations, Artwork, Proofs and Orders, putting all the information you need right at your fingertips.

As you can see, ESP+ is the only technology you need to increase sales and improve your workflow.

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