July Mini-Release 2023

Time-saving AI-fueled technology crafting personalized proposals and aiding in search to find the best-suited products for your clients.

  • AI Search – Guided search experience that recommends products after identifying the event type, industry, and/or other attributes about the project. AI Search will offer suggestions that go beyond keyword search, identifying unique products that you might not have searched for on your own. Unlike our competitors, AI Search is a guided experience that walks you through, to narrow down helpful product ideas.
  • Personal Notes – Appears at the top of Presentations, AI-fueled technology proposes custom content to send as an introduction to the presentation
  • Create Presentation Email Content – Drafts personalized content to utilize in Emails to clients in seconds
    • Create Presentation Email Content
  • Recreates Customized Presentation Product Summaries – Uses information about your project, such as event type and industry, along with AI-fueled knowledge of the company to create custom-tailored descriptions based on the item’s intended usage.