ASI Recognizes Industry’s Top Suppliers

TREVOSE, PA – January 19, 2007 – ASI named the winners and finalists of the 2007 Counselor® Distributor Choice Awards last night at the Hard Rock Live at Universal Studios CityWalk, as a part of the ASI Show!® Orlando.  


ASI named the winners and finalists of the 2007 Counselor® Distributor Choice Awards last night at the Hard Rock Live at Universal Studios CityWalk, as a part of the ASI Show!® Orlando. 

The awards recognized the most-valued ASI supplier firms in 34 product categories, based upon the ASI Supplier Performance Ratings and votes from their ASI distributor peers. This year, five new categories were added: auto accessories, health and beauty, umbrellas, USB drives, and wearables for women. To qualify, supplier finalists had to:

  •  Have an overall performance rating of four stars or higher
  • Have a minimum of 100 transactions reported
  • Have been nominated in an Award category that represents 5% or more of their product line
  • Have been rated by at least 40 distributors

“Out of the 170 finalists who qualified, there were a total of 26 ASI supplier company winners,” said Timothy M. Andrews, president of ASI.  “These companies represent the most-valued and talented leading suppliers to their ASI distributor partners and we can all learn from the extraordinary examples they set.”

In addition, SanMar (asi/84863) was named the Supplier of the Year at the ceremony.   

“I congratulate SanMar on this achievement,” continued Andrews. “SanMar has consistently outperformed its peers in the ASI Supplier Performance Ratings and has received the best overall rankings out of the 26 winning companies recognized at the ceremony. I wish them continued success with ASI distributors.”

The winners are:

The 2007 Supplier of the Year: SanMar asi/84863

New Category: Auto Accessories – Evans Manufacturing asi/52840
Awards – Jaffa/Norwood asi/63110
Badges & Buttons – LarLu asi/66390
Business Accessories – Leed’s asi/66887
Calendars – Calendars/Norwood asi/92185
Clocks & Watches – Logomark Inc asi/67866
Computer Accessories – Leed’s asi/66887
Decals, Labels & Bumper Stickers – Gill Studios Inc asi/56950
Drinkware: Glass & Ceramic – Moderne Glass Co. Inc. asi/71920
Drinkware: Plastic & Other – Bullet Line Inc. asi/42424
Electronic Products – Prime Resources Corp asi/79530
Flashlights – Adva-Lite Inc asi/32145
Food Gifts – Maple Ridge Farms Inc asi/68680
Golf Accessories – Gold Bond Inc asi/57653
New Category: Health & Beauty Products – SnugZ/USA Inc asi/88060
Housewares & Tools – Bullet Line Inc asi/42424
Inflatables – Pioneer Balloon Co. asi/78200
Jewelry – Avaline asi/37590
Key Tags & Luggage Tags – Quikey Mfg Co Inc asi/80210
Lanyards – SnugZ/USA Inc asi/88060
Luggage & Bags – Leed’s asi/66887
Magnets – Magnet LLC asi/68520
Office & Desk Items – Leed’s asi/66887
Pencils & Erasers – Shepenco/Shelbyville Pencil asi/86850
Pens – BIC Graphic USA asi/40480
Shopping Bags – Bag Makers Inc asi/37940           
Stress Relievers – Ariel Premium Supply Inc asi/36730
Towels & Robes – Towel Specialties asi/91605
New Category: Umbrellas – Peerless Umbrella Co Inc asi/76730
New Category: USB Drives – KTI Networks Inc asi/63776
Wearables – All Other – SanMar asi/84863
Wearables – Caps & Hats
– SanMar asi/84863           
Wearables – Shirts – All Other – SanMar asi/84863
Wearables – Shirts – SanMar asi/84863
New Category: Wearables – Women’s – SanMar asi/84863


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