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  • Numbers Game - Keeping inventory at an appropriate level can be one of the trickiest business issues a supplier ever tackles. But with new strategies and techniques, it’s certainly not impossible. From Supplier Global Resource. March-April, 2010.

  • Coming Together - Your biggest client just got acquired. Worried? Don’t be. Read on to learn how suppliers can easily navigate mergers and acquisitions in today’s market. From Supplier Global Resource. May-June, 2010.

  • Intelligence Operations - The phrase has undertones of Watergate-like intrigue – something unseemly, maybe even a little dangerous. But collecting competitive intelligence is an essential business tactic, one that has little to do with skulking around in a black catsuit. From Supplier Global Resource. May-June, 2010.

  • The Changing Roles Of Industry Suppliers - Compared to 10 years ago, the responsibilities that fall on the shoulders of today’s industry suppliers are drastically different and infinitely more diverse. We talked to some top industry players to find out their views on what will be asked of suppliers in the future. From Supplier Global Resource. May-June, 2010.

  • Asia’s Seismic Shift - With workers striking, wages rising, factory output decreasing and labor pools shrinking, the "world’s workshop" is undergoing unprecedented change and growing pains. How will this affect you? Massively, and on a multitude of levels. From Supplier Global Resource. July-August, 2010.

  • The Next Step - Streamlining operations can be daunting in any economy. In today’s fluctuating marketplace it is especially so. Read on to discover nine strategies to put into place today. From Supplier Global Resource. July-August, 2010.

  • Shipping and Customs: The Devil’s in the Details - With proper documentation you can keep customs issues to a minimum and begin to think of them as merely stepping stones, not pitfalls. From Supplier Global Resource. Sep-Oct, 2010.

  • 8 People to Watch - Want to meet leaders of some fast-growing global companies and trend-setting organizations? Add these international industry members to your contact list. From Supplier Global Resource. Sep-Oct, 2010.

  • International Hot Spots - Yes, the challenging economic situation has made life tough for many ad specialty suppliers. But, strange as it may seem, that’s why there’s no better time to take advantage of the global economy. From Supplier Global Resource. Sep-Oct, 2010.

  • Culture Clash - Heading abroad for business? Don’t stuff a business card into your pocket in Japan or gloat about your success in Korea. From Supplier Global Resource. Sep-Oct, 2010.

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