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  • Make a Splash in Unusual Places - When salespeople go looking for new business you might not think pool parties or poetry readings (in cowboy hats, no less) would come into play ... but you would be wrong. From Advantages magazine. January, 2011.

  • Trend Spy - Here are five business and industry trends that distributors should keep their eyes on as they plan for 2011. From Counselor magazine. December, 2010.

  • Ace the Awards Market With These Tips - Here’s a quick course on what types of awards exist, creative trophy solutions and reasons that special recognition may be in order. From Advantages magazine. December, 2010.

  • 7 Hot Trends for 2011 - For the top looks in apparel, think purple, performance fabrics and clean styles. Read on to learn what’s up in the world of wearables. From Advantages magazine. December 2010.

  • Women Of Industry - Confident they can succeed, more women than men are choosing the ad specialty industry to start their first business. That’s just one finding of an exclusive Counselor study comparing the attitudes, backgrounds and perceived opportunities of business owners. From Counselor magazine. November, 2010.

  • Start Me Up - All entrepreneurs learn something in their first year of business. Usually, that lesson is learned the hard way – often gift-wrapped with a warning sign. For Bret Bonnet, the cautionary tale was one of taxes. From Counselor magazine. November, 2010.

  • Learning to Grow - As the economy recovers, industry companies are again on a growth track. Fast success, though, can often hamper a company’s health. Here are five classic growth mistakes – and how to avoid them. From Counselor magazine. October, 2010.

  • Married and Harried - This couple has been thrown into a partnership before they had planned and are now trying to build a distributor company in the face of a difficult market. Here, our experts map out a plan for them to succeed. From Counselor magazine. July, 2009.

  • Anatomy Of A Start-Up - Counselor follows three new distributors through the ups and downs of their first year in business. From the formation of business plans to deciding whether to take on employees, we’ll be along for the ride. From Counselor magazine.

  • Get Blinged Out - All you need to know about decorating garments with crystals. From Wearables magazine. June, 2010.

  • Wearables Boot Camp - When you look in the mirror, what do you see? A confident wearables salesperson – or a fashion neophyte begging for guidance? For one distributor, the transformation began when he enlisted in our comprehensive educational program. From Wearables magazine. March, 2010.

  • 25 Fun Uses for Five Classic Products - Some classic products always strike the right promotional note. However, you can tune up their effectiveness to a higher pitch with a little ingenuity. From Advantages magazine. July, 2010.

  • 7 Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd - A strong brand identity elicits trust from your clients, and trust from your clients begets more business. Here’s how to market yourself as a pro. From Advantages magazine. July, 2010.

  • Test Your Creative Power - Think you’re creative? Looking to be more creative? Take our quiz to measure your talents and get some new ideas on how to stimulate your business imagination. From Counselor magazine. March, 2010.

  • Game Changer: How To Craft A Creative Sales Approach - On some level, most salespeople are the same. They call clients, pitch their products and services, cold-call prospects, and ultimately, try to close deals. Some do it better than others. And some simply live for the deal – doing everything they possibly can to get a client to agree to sign on the dotted line. From Counselor magazine. March, 2010.

  • 15 Sales Myths Busted - When it comes to sales, conventional wisdom is not always so wise. From Advantages magazine. July, 2010.

  • Veterans Address Newbie Challenges - If you're new to promotional products sales, experts would tell you that the best thing to do is to talk to people who have walked in your shoes. From Advantages magazine. June, 2010.

  • 10 Surefire Door Openers - Steal some ideas from real reps who put persistence and creativity to work to win their prospects’ business. From Advantages magazine. July, 2010.