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ASI Advisory Board

  • Fred Albrecht, Proforma Albrecht & Co (asi/116308)
  • Michelle Altobelli, Altobelli Advantage Inc (asi/119272)
  • Matt Bertram, Fields Manufacturing (asi/54100)
  • Karen Cohen, All In One (asi/34256)
  • Robert Fiveash, Brand Fuel (asi/145025)
  • Karen Griffin Allen, CPI Graphics (asi/169546)
  • Brett Hersh, Admints & Zagabor (asi/31516)
  • Bill Korowitz, The Magnet Group (asi/68507)
  • Pete Langdon, Notes Inc. (asi/74357)
  • Jo-an Lantz, Geiger (asi/202900)
  • Yann Leca, Polyconcept (parent of Leed's, Bullet Line and Journalbooks)
  • Eric Levin, Jetline (asi/63344)
  • Greg Muzzillo, Proforma (asi/300094)
  • Sadie Schlief, American Solutions for Business (asi/120075)
  • Tipton Shonkwiler, United Franchise Group (asi/384750)
  • Paul Smith, Calconix Inc. (asi/43270)
  • Doug Stayman, In Your Face Apparel (asi/62494)
  • Jill Valentino, Appleback Embroidery, Screen Printing and Promotional Products (asi/123011)
Marketing, PR & Industry Research Board

  • Terry Brizz, Galaxy Balloons Inc. (asi/55675)
  • Peggy O'Connell Schumann, SignUP Graphics Inc (asi/326539)
  • Christopher Duffy, Bag Makers (asi/37940)
  • Colin Hageney , Bullpen Marketing (asi/150076)
  • Shawn Kanak, Towel Specialties (asi/91605)
  • Steven Kanney , Target Graphics (asi/90549)
  • Jeff Lederer, Prime Line (asi/79530)
  • Stephanie Massengale, Advanced Graphix (asi/108993)
  • Jane Munro, As You Wish Promotions (asi/125450)
  • John Simonetta, Proforma Green Marketing (asi/491309)
  • Matthew Sprague, Logo Mats Inc (asi/67849)
  • Rob Watson, MediaTree (asi/70303)
  • Steve Woodburn, Staples Promotional Products (asi/120601)
Safety & Legislative Board

  • Bill Bradbury , Cintas Corp. (asi/162167)
  • Sandee Coburn, Ariel Premium Supply (asi/36730)
  • Mel Ellis, HumphreyLine Inc. (asi/62050)
  • Ted Fuehr, Incentives International (asi/230802)
  • Len Hornstein, Avaline (asi/37590)
  • Michael Juels, Corporate Images Inc. (asi/169081)
  • Kathy Knight, Leed's (asi/42424)
  • Don Martin, Bloomin Promotions (asi/40646)
  • Terry McGuire, HALO/Lee Wayne (asi/356000)
  • Steven Meyer, M-I Line (asi/71980)
  • Kim Newell, World Wide Lines Inc. (asi/98290)
  • Rick Rayl, BDA (asi/137616)
  • LeeAnn Schumacher, Summit Marketing (asi/339116)
  • Dave Thompson, National Pen (asi/281040)
  • Dan Townes, Shepenco (asi/86850)
Technology & Operations Board

  • Doug Blauer, ShedRain (asi/86785)
  • Jeff Foster , Edigitize Inc. (asi/700456)
  • Sandy Gonzalez, Made to Order (asi/259540)
  • Ed Hamilton, Digispec (asi/49716)
  • Fred Haws, Haws USA (asi/43861)
  • Sam Hornstein, Avaline LLC (asi/37590)
  • Aaron Itzkowitz, DYR Design Your Recognition (asi/48051)
  • Mark Jackson, Promotion Resource Group (asi/300621)
  • Chris Jenkin, Maestro (asi/68431)
  • Jim Martin, Kolder (asi/74710)
  • Joseph Miller, AIA LogoTools (asi/109480)
  • Linda Miller Seder, Innovative Promotional Concepts (asi/231652)
  • Niko Pamboukas, iClick (asi/62124)
  • Marc Resnik, (asi/344502)
  • Leslie Roark, PromoPros Inc. (asi/300654)
  • Paula Teague, Marketing Group (asi/261659)
  • Mike Ver Duin, Ver Duin's Inc. (asi/351600)
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