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Craig Davidiuk
Ultimate Promotions

"ESP has made Ultimate Promotions a force to be reckoned with!"

Craig increased his revenue by 5K/month

Craig Davidiuk of Ultimate Promotions (asi/348057) was in the hole and in it deep.

His client needed a network cable caddy and Craig couldn't produce one.

He had spent the better part of five days searching for the item and had placed calls to nine different suppliers with similar, disappointing results.

Finally, as he contemplated calling his client with bad news, he remembered an offer from his ASI representative for a free trial.

Craig's rep told him that ESP was the industry's premier research and marketing tool for promotional products and, with nothing to lose except a sale, Craig figured he'd give it a shot.

His shot was right on the mark. Not only did ESP find the caddy for him, it also found three other items he needed to complete the order bringing in $4,000 gross to the company.

To his amazement, after spending a week with no results, he completed his search and the deal in less than 2 hours! With ESP in his arsenal Craig began to attack the market with renewed vigor, "Without hesitation, I would say that I can do more than double the work I used to," said Davidiuk.

"I've already secured three clients for special events this year who I could not find that 'special something' for last year."

Ultimate Promotions quickly began to experience the ESP growth curve where businesses that fully utilize its features, and use the time savings to pitch new business, see an almost immediate bump in their monthly revenue.

"My revenue jumped from around $7-10K to $12-15K a month and now I'm in a position to support an additional sales person and help them create opportunities for me.

This frees me up to give that extra service to my key clients," said Davidiuk.

Ultimate Promotions, which had revenue of $170,000 in2005 is projecting a dramatic increase in 2006 to $325,000.

Not a bad return on investment for someone who, after joining ASI two months earlier, was unsure about spending a couple of hundred dollars a month on an online research and marketing tool.

"At first we were skeptical of the cost but after using ESP we knew we wouldn't be able to keep up with the industry without it."

"ESP allows us to act like a much larger corporation. I can give my clients a high level of service and suggest 'brilliant' ideas on a regular basis turning them into clients for life.

As our region moves towards hosting a Winter Olympics in 2010, I'm establishing myself as the most innovative, professional and reliable promotional products distributor in the Sea to Sky Corridor (Vancouver to Whistler)."

In the promotional products industry the size of the company isn't necessarily a factor in success.

And, with ESP leveling the playing field, businesses of all sizes have an equal chance to make it big.

Or, as Craig says, "ESP has made Ultimate Promotions a force to be reckoned with!"

Michael Fink
GWS Inc.

" ESP is, quite simply, incredible.
It has revolutionized
the way we
do business..."

Michael Fink made $150,000 in 3-4 hours!

Michael Fink is a promotional products veteran of 28 years and owner of GWS Inc. (asi/200095).

Mike's clients have learned to turn to him for killer promotions.

Recently one of his clients needed to run a promotion for a line of golf clothing which is found in department stores nationwide.

Michael came up with the idea of using putting greens to help draw attention to the apparel.

Mike immediately began an ESP Online search for his item of choice and within fifteen minutes he had been rewarded.

His client was about to reward him even more.

A $400,000 deal!

How long did Mike spend making the $400K? No more than three or four hours total!

That included less than 1 hour to send over pricing and presentations, minor modifications to the packaging and several conversations with the supplier of the product.

An even better number was Mike's profit on the project... $150,000 for GWS! Give or take, that's $50,000 in profit per hour of work.

According to Mike, "ESP Online is, quite simply, incredible. It has revolutionized the way we do business.

My employees save over 100 hours a week using it, and without it, we would never have been able to reach the level at which we currently operate."

And for Mike that proof is in his company's sales volume.

With the help of ESP Online GWS has gotten five times bigger, growing from a business that made under $1.5 million annually to an operation that boasted revenue of over $7 million last year.

"ESP Online continues to payoff," said Fink. "In February we were asked for ideas involving another promotion for our client's web-based, time-saving product.

We had 2 hours to come up with ideas and pricing and only 3 weeks to deliver."

"With ESP we soon had 6 different ideas, pictures and pricing to our client via e-mail (We're in Minnesota and the client is in Los Angeles).

We received an order for $250,000 on a 'C' before the end of business that day."

Cheryl Maguire
Cher Marketing

"Honest to god, we didn't even make it through the trial period and we already knew that we just had to have
ESP. It's the best money I could
have spent."

Cher Marketing Predicts Minimum 25% Growth With ESP Online

Cheryl Maguire and her associates were singing the distributor blues.
" The time it was taking us (to find products) was unbelievable," said Maguire, the woman who has orchestrated Cher Marketing's growth for 11 years.

Like many distributor firms, when a customer called with a product request Cher Marketing Inc. (asi/161397) depended on file cabinets full of catalogs and plowing through hundreds of pages of promotional products on Google.

Many times Cher's employees couldn't find the exact product they were looking for or, by the time they did, the job was lost to another distributor.

Despite the aggravation, lost time, and lost business, Cher Marketing, which had revenue of $225,000 in 2004, was hesitant to purchase ESP Online – the industry's leading research and marketing tool.

"We thought long and hard about purchasing ESP online... but due to the cost, we felt it didn't warrant paying the fees," said Maguire.

A free trial to the product soon had her company singing a different tune. Cher Marketing completed their first two product searches "in less than 15 minutes," and even better, the jobs yielded profits equivalent to more than ½ the cost of the product for an entire year. "How could we not purchase it," said Maguire.

Realizing that the software had nearly paid for itself in 15 minutes, Maguire continued, "Honest to god, we didn't even make it through the trial period and we already knew that we just had to have it. It's the best money I could have spent."

With ESP Online as a part of the team Cher Marketing projects their revenue will easily exceed $285,000 in 2005. According to Cheryl, "No one in the company dreads research anymore. With ESP Online, not only is it easy, but it's fast, and makes us more efficient."

Cher Marketing employs three full-time and four part-time associates. As with most small businesses, ensuring they maintain a professional image is of great importance.

One feature of ESP Online that demonstrates their professional image is the CenterStage presentation tool. "Our clients rave about the CenterStage presentations. They love having them sent directly over with all the information they need; hi-res colored photos, pricing, etc."

"It allows us to do more business in a day, because the clients can view the presentations at their convenience."

Cheryl continued, "We aren't taking up any of their time, and certainly not much of our own. It has eliminated so much travel time, it's unbelievable."

Cher Marketing's employees are no longer singing the blues. In fact they're crooning praise for ASI's industry leading research and marketing software.

"I will continue to purchase this tool, year after year," said Maguire. "Kind of like, once you've had the best you can never go back to playing second fiddle. ESP Online takes the cake!"

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