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2013 Wearables Apparel Design Awards

The leading products in the industry get recognized once again in our lofty awards program.
By C.J. Mittica and Sara Lavenduski

Welcome to our sixth-annual Wearables Apparel Design Awards. Suppliers, decorators and distributors submitted their best apparel and accessories in 13 different categories, including this year's new category, Best Ladies Knit Top. In total, 147 finalists competed to be honored as the industry’s best by our readers, who cast a total of 6,157 votes. Wearables congratulates all the winners. >> Read the digital article here!

Click here for all finalists.

Best Accessory Click here to see all finalists
Diane Katzman Design
WINNER! London Olympics Bracelets - Supplier: Diane Katzman Design (asi/63988)
1ST RUNNER-UP! OGIO Endurance 9.0 Duffel (412025) - Supplier: SanMar (asi/84863)
College Glasses
2ND RUNNER-UP! SafeRides Glasses - Supplier: College Glasses (asi/45657)
Best Outerwear Click here to see all finalists
Cutter and Buck
WINNER! Ladies' Arboretum Full-Zip Fleece (LCK02460) - Supplier: Cutter & Buck (asi/47965)
Holloway Sportswear
1ST RUNNER-UP! Stability Jacket (229158) - Supplier: Holloway Sportswear (asi/61430)
Fersten Worldwide Inc.
2ND RUNNER-UP! Women's Thermal UV Softshell Jacket (FW3335) - Supplier: Fersten Worldwide Inc. (asi/53974)
Best Ladies Knit Top Click here to see all finalists
Independent Trading Co.
WINNER! Juniors’ Off-the-Shoulder Crew Neck Sweater Fleece (PRM2400) - Supplier: Independent Trading Co.
Trimark Sportswear
1ST RUNNER-UP! Corazon Recycled Vest (98595) - Supplier: Trimark Sportswear (asi/92122)
2ND RUNNER-UP! Gabrielle Rohde Royce Ladies’ Knit Cardigan (G330) with embellishment - Supplier: Sportco (asi/88792)
Best Hoodie/Sweatshirts/Fleece Click here to see all finalists
WINNER! Zuma Striped Hoodie (F678) - Supplier: Tri-Mountain (asi/92125)
1ST RUNNER-UP! Coverstitched Hoodie (SA113) - Supplier: Sportco (asi/88792)
American Apparel
2ND RUNNER-UP! Tri-Blend Fleece Hoodie (TRT497) - Supplier: American Apparel (asi/35297)
Best T-Shirt Decoration Click here to see all finalists
In Your Face Apparel
WINNER! Foil Accented Tank - Supplier: In Your Face Apparel (asi/62494)
Holloway Sportswear
1ST RUNNER-UP! Discharge Groove T-shirt (229300) - Supplier: Holloway Sportswear (asi/61430)
Target Decorated Apparel
2ND RUNNER-UP! Skull T-shirt - Supplier: Target Decorated Apparel (asi/90549)
Best Use of Color Click here to see all finalists
Holloway Sportswear
WINNER! Electrify Shirt (222372) - Supplier: Holloway Sportswear (asi/61430)
Diane Katzman Design
1ST RUNNER-UP! BBVA Compass Set - Supplier: Diane Katzman Design (asi/63988)
Culture Studio
2ND RUNNER-UP! Times Square T-shirt - Decorator: Culture Studio (asi/700559)
Best Polo Click here to see all finalists.
Cutter and Buck
WINNER! Men's DryTec Sullivan Embossed Polo (MCK00665) - Supplier: Cutter & Buck (asi/47965)
1ST RUNNER-UP! Lightning Polo (K119) - Supplier: Tri-Mountain (asi/92125)
2ND RUNNER-UP! Port Authority Performance Cross Dye Polo (K513) - Supplier: SanMar (asi/84863)
Best Woven/Blouse Click here to see all finalists
Cutter and Buck
WINNER! Ladies’ Long Sleeve Blakely Hybrid Woven (LCW04131) - Supplier: Cutter & Buck (asi/47965)
1ST RUNNER-UP! Red House Slim Fit Non-Iron Pinpoint Oxford (RH62) - Supplier: SanMar (asi/84863)
2ND RUNNER-UP! Camille Matte Satin Long Sleeve Woven (LB734) - Supplier: Tri-Mountain (asi/92125)
Best Eco Product Click here to see all finalists
Vapor Apparel
WINNER! ECO Berlin Sublimated Tee - Supplier: Vapor Apparel (asi/93396)
Alternative Apparel
1ST RUNNER-UP! Razor USA Zip Hoodie - Decorator: Leaderpromos (asi/287087) - Supplier: Alternative Apparel (asi/34850)
Ash City
2ND RUNNER-UP! Ladies' Organic Cotton Long-Sleeve Crew - Supplier: Ash City (asi/37143)
Best Trendy Hat Click here to see all finalists
Holloway Sportswear
WINNER! Reversible Perform Beanie (223833) - Supplier: Holloway Sportswear (asi/61430)
1ST RUNNER-UP! District Herringbone Fedora (DT622) - Supplier: SanMar (asi/84863)
Bishop the Garment Co.
2ND RUNNER-UP! Belvedere Hat, Scarf and Mittens - Supplier: Bishop the Garment Co. (asi/40585)
Best Apparel Innovation Click here to see all finalists
American Apparel
WINNER! Flex Fleece Dog Hoodie (F997) - Supplier: American Apparel (asi/35297)
1ST RUNNER-UP! Shawn Convertible Hoodie Jacket (J8150) - Supplier: Tri-Mountain (asi/92125)
Trimark Sportswear
2ND RUNNER-UP! Balkan Insulated Jacket (99522) - Supplier: Trimark Sportswear (asi/92122)
Best Performance/Athletic Garment Click here to see all finalists
Holloway Sportswear
WINNER! Dedication Jacket (229131) and Traction Pant (229132) - Supplier: Holloway Sportswear (asi/61430)
UV Promo
1ST RUNNER-UP! Sanibel Hoodie (23100080) - Supplier: UV Promo (asi/41988)
Trimark Sportswear
2ND RUNNER-UP! Jasper Hybrid Jacket (92960) - Supplier: Trimark Sportswear (asi/92122)
Best Uniform Program Click here to see all finalists
In Your Face Apparel
WINNER! Coors Light Uniform - Supplier: In Your Face Apparel (asi/62494)
Holloway Sportswear
1ST RUNNER-UP! Sport Uniform (229107, 222468, 222368, 222471, 222371) - Supplier: Holloway Sportswear (asi/61430)
2ND RUNNER-UP! Men's Heel-Toe Polo (K908), Women's Double-Clutch Polo (KL908) and Pacer Jacket (7730) - Supplier: Tri-Mountain (asi/92125)

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